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Established in 1992

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Mission Statement:

We are a group from Baton Rouge, La., who are dedicated to the concept that children can have fun and learn simultaneously. We provide snow for school-age children residing in the deep South so they can enjoy winter fun such as, building snowmen, snowball wars and snow games and at the same time learn about the wintery weather common to children residing in the north.

We also provide unique birthday snow parties for children.

We can provide a wintery atmosphere for social events, weddings, and corporate events, or for photographs.

We will also produce snocones and funnel cakes for corporate events and festivals,
giving a percentage of the profit to the hiring agency.

Click to see Picutres of the 2010 City of Walker Sno Party
Walker2012moivie Walker's 2012 Snow Party
church-snow%20play.jpg playing_in_snow.jpg

Fun For All any time of year!

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A snoball free-for-all for students

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Ruston, Louisiana National Guard playing with the chldren

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Ruston, Louisiana National Guard  Video #2