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Ministry of Reconciliation by Sue Muller



God’s “DO-OVERS”

Did you know that if God asks you to do something, and gives you all the toolsand you screw it up….he will start over with you . He’ll give you the tools and a second chance, and let you begin again. A “ DO-OVER”. All little kids want a “do-over at sometime during their growing up years.

In my company, the wintertime function is to produce and lay snow on the ground for children to play snow games, and have snowball fights…. in the deep south coastal states. My employees ( L.S.U. students ) have such fun doing this. However, we live in south Louisiana, and snow is practically unheard of here, so , when presented with the idea of building a snowman, our kids often “screw up” and need a “do-over”. When the snowman looks more like a pyramid pointing to the sky, we knock it down , yell “do-over” and …..start again. You should hear the kids squeal.

God did that with Moses. … remember…. the tablets with the ten commandments? Moses got really mad and ashamed of the Israelites. While he was on Mount Sinai with the Lord God, for 40 days and nights, the people got scared without a leader, and persuaded Aaron, Moses brother ( the wimp) to help them build a golden calf …to be their “god”. When Moses came down , hearing the sound of a celebration and worship of this “god “ in cow costume, he became furious. He threw down the tablets God had written on with His wonderful hand, and crushed them on the mountain side. No doubt he was instantly sorry ( I have know that feeling, haven’t you? Usually right after crushing something….or …someone ).

“What have I done….God’s wonderful handwriting…to us…broken on the ground!

I’ll likely not ever see that again.”

Moses must’ve been feeling this tremendous loss, when in His magnificent, patient way, God spoke:

Exodus 34;1-5

“And the Lord said unto Moses, Hew thee two tables of stone …like unto the first; and I will write upon these tables the words that were in the first tables, which thou didst break…..And be ready in the morning………..”

And the Lord descended in the cloud, and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of the Lord.”

God’s “ do-over”. Isn’t that wonderful? God and Moses together again, after anger, failure, mistakes, doing it over again…..together.

Maybe you need to start over today. God will give you all the tools and stuff to begin again. And He isn’t angry with you for your failure. He simply hollers “DO-OVER , little one “. ….and be ready in the morning……

This time it will last…..forever. !